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July marks an exciting time of year in the department of medicine (DoM). During this time, we welcome many new members into our community. They[...]

By sjmartinez • July 3, 2023

Cardiovascular disease remains the major cause of death worldwide. Faculty in the cardiovascular division within our department, remain at the forefront of innovative patient care,[...]

By sjmartinez • June 26, 2023

Agrawal N, Lucier J, Ogawa R, Arons A. Advocacy Curricula in Graduate Medical Education: an Updated Systematic Review from 2017 to 2022. J Gen Intern[...]

By sjmartinez • June 21, 2023

Juneteenth, or Freedom Day, was celebrated yesterday, June 19. It is a time for reflection and celebration as we commemorate the final emancipation of enslaved[...]

By sjmartinez • June 20, 2023

As we celebrate the accomplishments of our trainees and the students at the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM) this graduation season, I am reminded[...]

By sjmartinez • May 30, 2023

Khorasani LN, Bastani A, Shen T, Kaur G, Shah ND, Juarez L, Heyman M, Grassian J, Cho AC, Hotez E. A Qualitative Investigation on COVID-19[...]

By sjmartinez • May 28, 2023

Hotez E, Hudson S, Bastani A, Khorasani L, Hohmeister HC. A call for inclusive public health communication to promote the health of neurodivergent communities during[...]

By sjmartinez • May 18, 2023

This week, the US News rankings of medical schools and specialties came out. Although there is some controversy around these rankings and the methodology used, the ranking[...]

By sjmartinez • May 15, 2023

Hotez E, Hudson S. Expanding on "Screening, Diagnosis, and Intervention for Autism: Experiences of Black and Multiracial Families Seeking Care" to Support BIPOC Autistic Postsecondary[...]

By sjmartinez • May 14, 2023

Each day, I receive a report of the inpatient medicine hospital census at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center. For[...]

By sjmartinez • May 8, 2023