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By sjmartinez • April 22, 2024

Murugesan P, Zhang Y, Huang Y, Chengong Zong N, Youn JY, Chen W, Wang C, Loscalzo J, Cai H. Reversal of Pulmonary Hypertension in a[...]

By sjmartinez • February 1, 2024

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By sjmartinez • October 22, 2023

Illidi CR, Romer LM, Johnson MA, Williams NC, Rossiter HB, Casaburi R, Tiller NB. Distinguishing science from pseudoscience in commercial respiratory interventions: an evidence-based guide[...]

By sjmartinez • March 15, 2023

This week, I reflect on the some of our department’s activities that illustrate achievement across the entire academic spectrum. I start with a medical student.[...]

By sjmartinez • October 10, 2022

On August 31, we held our first research town hall. There was a robust discussion regarding many of the challenges and institutional barriers that our[...]

By sjmartinez • September 12, 2022

This week I showcase recent work from some of our residents that reflect their commitment to scholarship and underscores the priority that the department of[...]

By sjmartinez • August 15, 2022

I had lunch with our nine chief residents last week. They were introduced in an earlier post. They are fully in their stride as leaders of our[...]

By sjmartinez • August 8, 2022

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable July 4th and for those of you who covered our hospitals, thank you for your service. This[...]

By sjmartinez • July 5, 2022

Earlier this week I was privileged to attend the 2022 STAR Program graduation and delivered the keynote address. VIEW PICTURES HERE The STAR (Specialty Training and[...]

By sjmartinez • June 21, 2022