Within the Department of Medicine (DoM) at UCLA, trainees are the heartbeat of our community. The medical students, residents, fellows, and postdocs who make up[...]

By sjmartinez • December 4, 2023

2023 DMPG Annual Meeting Each year, members of the Department of Medicine Practice Group (DMPG) convene in Westwood for their annual meeting where we discuss[...]

By sjmartinez • October 16, 2023

Gaut D, Oliai C, Boiarsky J, Zhang S, Salhotra A, Azenkot T, Kennedy VE, Khanna V, Olmedo Gutierrez K, Shukla N, Moskoff B, Park G,[...]

By sjmartinez • October 7, 2023

July marks an exciting time of year in the department of medicine (DoM). During this time, we welcome many new members into our community. They[...]

By sjmartinez • July 3, 2023

Cardiovascular disease remains the major cause of death worldwide. Faculty in the cardiovascular division within our department, remain at the forefront of innovative patient care,[...]

By sjmartinez • June 26, 2023

Sefton C, Keen S, Tybout C, Lin FC, Jiang H, Joodi G, Williams JG, Simpson RJ Jr. Characteristics of sudden death by clinical criteria. Medicine[...]

By sjmartinez • April 22, 2023

With greater than 1,000 faculty, nearly 500 trainees (residents, fellows, post-docs), and more than 2800 staff members, the success of the department of medicine (DoM)[...]

By sjmartinez • August 22, 2022

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable July 4th and for those of you who covered our hospitals, thank you for your service. This[...]

By sjmartinez • July 5, 2022

Earlier this week I was privileged to attend the 2022 STAR Program graduation and delivered the keynote address. VIEW PICTURES HERE The STAR (Specialty Training and[...]

By sjmartinez • June 21, 2022

In the life cycle of our education enterprise, June is a month of transitions highlighted by graduations. Last week, my younger brother reminded me that his[...]

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