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By sjmartinez • October 2, 2023

DoM Quality Recognition Program Honorees Faculty and staff in the department of medicine (DoM) are committed to ensuring that our patients receive the highest qualityRead more

By sjmartinez • July 17, 2023

The department of medicine (DoM) is pleased to announce that Douglas Ruiz Carbajal has been appointed to director of education. Douglas joined the Internal Medicine Residency ProgramRead more

By sjmartinez • July 14, 2023

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By sjmartinez • May 14, 2023

Hotez E, Hudson S. Expanding on "Screening, Diagnosis, and Intervention for Autism: Experiences of Black and Multiracial Families Seeking Care" to Support BIPOC Autistic PostsecondaryRead more

By sjmartinez • May 14, 2023

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By sjmartinez • April 6, 2023

Araki T, Kameda H, Yamamoto M, Tateno T, Iwasaki Y, Yu R, Chik C, Hashmi H, Radulescu A, Burmeister LA, Fukuoka H. The Impact ofRead more

By sjmartinez • March 3, 2023

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By sjmartinez • March 3, 2023

Kamdar BB, Makhija H, Cotton SA, Fine J, Pollack D, Reyes PA, Novelli F, Malhotra A, Needham DM, Martin JL. Development and Evaluation of anRead more

By sjmartinez • February 3, 2023

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