infectious diseases

Hasani-Sadrabadi MM, Majedi FS, Zarubova J, Thauland TJ, Arumugaswami V, Hsiai TK, Bouchard LS, Butte MJ, Li S. Harnessing Biomaterials to Amplify Immunity in AgedRead more

By sjmartinez • February 22, 2024

Davar K, Vijayan T. The PEST (Pathology, Epidemiology, Severity, Treatment) approach to optimizing antimicrobial therapy. BMC Med Educ. 2023 May 6;23(1):316. doi: 10.1186/s12909-023-04286-1. PMID: 37149569.

By sjmartinez • May 7, 2023

Yu Y, Bigos KL, Marzinke MA, Landovitz RJ, McCauley M, Ford S, Hendrix CW, Bies RR, Weld ED; HPTN 077 Study Team. A population pharmacokineticRead more

By sjmartinez • November 29, 2022

This week, I reflect on the some of our department’s activities that illustrate achievement across the entire academic spectrum. I start with a medical student.Read more

By sjmartinez • October 10, 2022

This week I will highlight a few clinical programs and initiatives that illustrate the breadth of our faculty’s commitment to provide high-quality patient care andRead more

By community • September 19, 2022

This week I showcase recent work from some of our residents that reflect their commitment to scholarship and underscores the priority that the department ofRead more

By sjmartinez • August 15, 2022

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable July 4th and for those of you who covered our hospitals, thank you for your service. ThisRead more

By sjmartinez • July 5, 2022

I went to New York to teach a class over the weekend. For the past decade I have been leading an NIH funded program that isRead more

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My comments last week about UCLA’s commitment to health equity sparked significant conversations during the week. What is clear to me is that many amongRead more

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Our department should excel in all missions and there are numerous examples of ways in which this is true. As I continue to learn moreRead more

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