Health policy

Fukuma S, Kato H, Takaku R, Tsugawa Y. Effect of no cost sharing for paediatric care on healthcare usage by household income levels: regression discontinuity[...]

By sjmartinez • August 18, 2023

Parzuchowski A, Oronce C, Guo R, Tseng CH, Fendrick AM, Mafi JN. Evaluating the accessibility and value of U.S. ambulatory care among Medicaid expansion states[...]

By sjmartinez • July 4, 2023

Hempel S, Ganz D, Saluja S, Bolshakova M, Kim T, Turvey C, Cordasco K, Basu A, Page T, Mahmood R, Motala A, Barnard J, Wong[...]

By sjmartinez • May 19, 2023

Mentias A, Peterson ED, Keshvani N, Kumbhani DJ, Yancy CW, Morris AA, Allen LA, Girotra S, Fonarow GC, Starling RC, Alvarez P, Desai MY, Cram[...]

By sjmartinez • April 11, 2023

Inoue K, Figueroa JF, Kondo N, Tsugawa Y. Changes in industry marketing payments to physicians during the covid-19 pandemic: quasi experimental, difference-in-difference study. BMJ Med.[...]

By sjmartinez • March 21, 2023

Ahlers M, Aralis H, Tang W, Sussman JB, Fonarow GC, Ziaeian B. Non-pharmaceutical interventions and covid-19 burden in the United States: retrospective, observational cohort study.[...]

By sjmartinez • March 21, 2023

Buhr RG, Krishnan JA. Yet Another Crack in the Façade of the CMS Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program for COPD. Am J Respir Crit Care Med.[...]

By sjmartinez • August 26, 2022