Ambulatory Care

Leuchter RK, Sarkisian CA, Trotzky-Sirr R, Wei EK, Carrillo CA, Vangala S, Coffey C Jr, Spellberg B, Melamed O, Jeng AC, Mafi JN. Choosing WiselyRead more

By sjmartinez • October 24, 2023

Noveir SD, Afifi L, Nguyen KA, Cheng CE, Bach DQ. Patterns and determinants of pediatric dermatologic care in the United States: An evaluation of theRead more

By sjmartinez • July 14, 2023

Parzuchowski A, Oronce C, Guo R, Tseng CH, Fendrick AM, Mafi JN. Evaluating the accessibility and value of U.S. ambulatory care among Medicaid expansion statesRead more

By sjmartinez • July 4, 2023

As the department of medicine’s ambulatory care practice continues to grow, the department is pleased to announce that we have revised the titles and responsibilitiesRead more

By sjmartinez • June 20, 2023