Message from the Chair

This week, President Biden will give the State of the Union address. A talk that will no doubt be influenced by issues that have impacted us in health care, such as the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will no doubt also hear of implications of the terrible events that [...]

By • February 28, 2022

On the day after Valentine last week, I received an email from Jesus. Yes, Dr. Jesus Araujo, Professor of Medicine and director of Environmental Cardiology here at UCLA shared with me the circumstances around his latest research award from the NIH totaling >$2M over 4 years.  The proposal: “Dissecting the [...]

By • February 22, 2022

The nice thing about having the Superbowl on the West (best) Coast is that it’s over before we all should be going to bed. I hope that you did not stay up all night celebrating. Members of our department are champions too. This week our Cardiology Fellows Liz Hutchins, Adrian [...]

By • February 14, 2022

My comments last week about UCLA’s commitment to health equity sparked significant conversations during the week. What is clear to me is that many among us are passionate about ensuring access to care to everyone in our community. I learned about some of the barriers caused by challenges with MediCal [...]

By • February 7, 2022

I continue to be energized as I learn more about the Department and UCLA that will inform our strategic goals. I want to share some reflections on our commitment to the diverse communities that we serve, our faculty and trainee’s commitment to health equity and the opportunities and challenges that [...]

By sjmartinez • January 31, 2022

Our department should excel in all missions and there are numerous examples of ways in which this is true. As I continue to learn more about the work being done in the department, I will share things worth celebrating, while highlighting an area (of many) that will be a focus [...]

By • January 24, 2022

I learned more last week, but most importantly, I learned from you. At the end of my last note, I deployed a rudimentary survey to begin a conversation about nine areas that I proposed represent important areas in which we could begin to evaluate, where we are now as a [...]

By • January 18, 2022

I learned a lot of new things last week, such as the daily UCLA Health symptom surveys which I am cc…ed on every time a member of our department is not cleared to come into the Medical Center. I am not complaining, but use these additions to my inbox, to acknowledge [...]

By • January 12, 2022

We are still unpacking boxes. Our worldly possessions (but not our vehicles) arrived last Thursday, so don’t judge me if my socks don’t match. That said, I am excited to report to duty this morning. I am grateful for the very warm welcome that I have received thus far, and [...]

By • January 3, 2022