Ms. L.

I had to have a covid test before surgery, on Dec 20, 2020. I was concerned because I had heard it was very unpleasant. I walked into the room where Nurse Lee was awaiting me. I asked her to be gentle and careful; she assured me she would. But she [...] [...]

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Joshua C.

Dr Cohen, thank you for all that you did for my wife, Ada Cheatham. She very much respected you, and I wish we had lived closer and could have had you treat Ada regularly. It is unfortunate she passed away, but after Dr. Chamberlain told Ada she would no longer [...] [...]

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Dr. Mridula B. W.

Comprehensive knowledgeable and patient with my know it all immediate relief of symptoms attitude Thanks doc I hope we get the COVID shots soon . Just blanket this whole bloody city with a vaccine mist crop duster thing they be immune without knowing gets ridiculousness for a serious reason By: Lisa [...] [...]

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Kelly Kearns H.

Thank you for your professional, caring, and careful covid NP swab collection. You made the process as painless as possible! Thank you!!! By: Victoria A. [...]

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A "Thank You" to all Healthcare Workers

If you could please forward the below message on to whatever department is best (possibly HR?) I would love for them to forward my message, below, to EVERYONE in the hospital as you ALL have gone through so much this year! Thank you!

(Please forward the message, below, to all)

Hi! My [...]


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