Care Compliments

Thank U

Shanna F.

Shanna was wonderful. She was there for me from pre-op to recovery and sending me home. She is professional, efficient and compassionate. She made my surgery and recovery go smoothly and easy. Thanks. Steve. By: Stephen O. [...]

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Erica O.

I have been extremely satisfied with my care from Dr. Oberman.  She is extremely knowledgeable about fibroids and always takes my concerns about how my symptoms affect not only my health but my quality of life seriously.  For example, she takes the time to discuss what's important to me when [...] [...]

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Erin C.

Thank you Erin for debriefing with me after a Rapid Response/code situation we were in together. Your kind and understanding approach in explaining to me allowed me to grow, learn, and become a empowered practitioner from this experience. I particularly appreciated that there were no pointing fingers/blame, but an understanding [...] [...]

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Dani D.

Unfortunately my daughter had to have surgery during this pandemic. I was so impressed with the nursing staff and the doctors. We were handled safely, with compassion, and efficiently. Dr Aria Fallah is an amazing surgeon. Even when I had a question, he emailed me directly to put me at [...] [...]

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Shu K.

On the most recent patient survey, a patient mentioned Shu by name and commended her great work, stating, " my Nurse: *Shu was excellent in my treatment and she always explained the procedures. "!!! By: Michelle R. [...]

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