A 73-year-old Vietnam War veteran was exposed to Agent Orange and was recently diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. Using immunotherapy and turkey tail mushroom extract, all but one of the tumors shrank

By Ask the Doctors • August 29, 2022

“Operation Mend gave me my confidence back,” confirms Angelica Jimenez, a USMC Field Radio Operator who got treatment from Operation Mend for her third-degree burns ...

By uclahealth • November 10, 2019

“There were six of us in the vehicle. We were crossing over a bridge when ‘BAM!,’ an IED went off,” recounts 48-year-old Chris

By uclahealth • November 10, 2019

Wrapped in bandages, Joey Paulk woke up at a military hospital more than two weeks after he nearly burned to death in Afghanistan. He saw his mother crying by his bedside, then began asking questions.

By uclahealth • July 14, 2017