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‘Mentors address some of the psychosocial elements that are important to talk about,’ says Jessica Phillips, a manager with the Center for Nursing Excellence at UCLA Health

By uclahealth • May 13, 2022

New UCLA Health program includes yoga, meditation and a peer support group

By uclahealth • May 11, 2022

Family history both parents at UCLA Santa Monica came here for bypasses lived longer till about 15 years longer. I had both till I was in my 30’s. Thank you UCLA Santa Monica for longer care for my parents. As for myself heart issues at 52 too much stress. It’s [...]

By Momo52 • January 18, 2019

From the time I contacted UCLA through surgery, UCLA was organized, right on, polite and answered all questions. On the day of surgery, everything went smoothly. Dr. Yeh and his assistant asked if I had any concerns but I had no anxiety. Dr. Yeh even held my hand. I loved [...]

By Peggy • October 6, 2017

I had known Dr. Yeh as he did parathyroid surgery on my granddaughter when she was 5 months pregnant. I believe he saved both lives. My endocrinologist in Bakersfield did an ultrasound that found a tumor of 4.3 cm (it went up to 6 cm.) He suggested I come to [...]

By Happy • October 1, 2017