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Ask the Doctors answers a few of your most-asked questions this month

By Ask the Doctors • June 17, 2022

With so much sun protection on the market, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right sunscreen. But with this three-step plan it doesn’t have to be.

By uclahealth • May 27, 2022

We tend to associate sunburn with the warmer and sunnier days of summer; however, it can happen at any time of year, even on what seems like a cloudy day

By Ask the Doctors • June 4, 2021

“I use sunscreen to prevent sunburns,” says Irene Tam, a tourist visiting from Macao. Local residents and visitors alike can enjoy the 50 sunscreen towers in Santa Monica and Malibu. Not pictured, Dr. Emily Newsom, a dermatologist says, “These kiosks, which are completely free to the public, are going to [...]

By uclahealth • August 28, 2019

An estimated 80 percent of a person's exposure to ultraviolet radiation — most of it from sunlight — occurs before the age of 18. Sunscreen is one of our primary defense mechanisms against ultraviolet radiation, but schools across the United States face [...]

By Ryan Hatoum • August 23, 2017

We’d all love skin that glows with health, inside and out. To mark National Healthy Skin Month, we asked Hayley Goldbach, MD, UCLA dermatology resident, to share her top tips for healthy skin. 1. Start from the inside. Good overall health equals good skin, so cover your bases: [...]

By uclahealth • November 9, 2016