Ask the Doctors answers a few of your most-asked questions this month

By Ask the Doctors • October 12, 2022

A series of extreme heat waves, often with high humidity, are making for a difficult summer in much of the United States

By Ask the Doctors • August 26, 2022

Keep your body healthy and energy high by drinking plenty of fluids

By Sandy Cohen • June 6, 2022

The lead-up to summer is a popular time to diet. Whether you’re preparing for swimsuit season or have pledged to get in shape, springtime ...

By Ryan Hatoum • April 14, 2017

After the easygoing days of summer, autumn’s arrival can feel like an abrupt return to reality, ramping up stress. But getting back into the ...

By uclahealth • September 13, 2016

Dips in the pool, long days at the beach and trips to the playground: summer is synonymous with outdoor fun. Prolonged heat exposure on ...

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