I am 75 years old, and two years ago, I was diagnosed with bullous pemphigoid. I understand this is an autoimmune problem. I also understand that this is more common in older people. I would like to know more about it. I have been prescribed minocycline, which has been helping.

By Ask the Doctors • January 16, 2023

I broke my ankle about 18 months ago. Now, in the area just above the break, the skin on my leg has turned a dark color, like a bruise. It doesn’t seem to be going away. Is there anything I can do to lighten this up? Do you think that laser therapy could help?

By Ask the Doctors • January 2, 2023

Ask the Doctors answers a few of your most-asked questions this month

By Ask the Doctors • October 19, 2022

I got a few patches of itchy, red skin on my arms six months ago. My doctor says it’s atopic dermatitis, but the cream he gave me isn’t helping. My friend says it’s eczema, which she also has. She let me try her prescription cream, and it got better. Does that mean I have eczema?

By Ask the Doctors • September 26, 2022

As we grow older, our body and our skin changes

By Ask the Doctors • July 29, 2022

It’s a rare syndrome that affects fewer than 2 out of every 100,000 people

By Ask the Doctors • July 5, 2021

There are a vast array of microbes that live upon and within our bodies

By Ask the Doctors • March 31, 2021

Dear Doctor: I’m 75 years old and have bruising on my hands, seemingly when anything touches them. I do not take blood thinners or aspirin. ...

By Ask the Doctors • September 26, 2018

Dear Doctor: I am 60-year-old female who suffers from darkening of my face. A doctor did a biopsy and it was determined that I suffer ...

By Ask the Doctors • September 10, 2018

Dear Doctor: Can olive oil be used topically to aid healing? Olive oil has been used ...

By Ask the Doctors • June 12, 2018