The precise targeting capabilities of MRI guidance results in fewer side effects, new research shows

By uclahealth • January 12, 2023

The treatment results in remission for many patients, enabling bone marrow transplant

By uclahealth • November 3, 2022

In the U.S., about 3% of babies are born with a birth defect or congenital abnormality

By uclahealth • November 2, 2022

Knowledge is power for people with hereditary forms of cancer and their relatives.

By uclahealth • July 14, 2022

A lowly flatworm brings researchers closer to solving a genetic mystery

By uclahealth • June 14, 2022

Innovation could help doctors, patients worldwide

By uclahealth • May 27, 2022

Kidneys are vital to good bone health. Because the bones of children are growing and developing, chronic kidney disease is especially serious

By uclahealth • May 11, 2022

Asking older patients just three questions may lead to earlier detection and timely diagnosis of cognitive decline

By uclahealth • May 9, 2022

A UCLA HemOnc Fellow is determined to reduce cancer disparities

By Jocelyn Apodaca Schlossberg • April 25, 2022

The CRISPR-based method could restore the muscle protein missing in patients with a degenerative neuromuscular disease

By uclahealth • January 27, 2022