physical activity

Be kind to yourself and savor your Christmas dinner

By Chayil Champion • December 22, 2022

Statistics show collectively that increased physical activity leads to better academic performance among elementary, middle, and high school students

By Chayil Champion • April 8, 2022

Make sure you ease back in so as to reduce your risk of injury, UCLA Health experts advise

By Sandy Cohen • February 28, 2022

Find ways to reduce stress.

By uclahealth • February 2, 2022

Small amounts of activity can help lessen the negative health effects of prolonged inactivity

By Ask the Doctors • January 1, 2021

Don't Sweat it! You Can Stay Fit Without a Gym

By Ted Braun @TedBraunUCLASM • April 13, 2020

Q: I am 63 and even though my kids think I’m too old, I want to start running. Can you help me to prove them wrong? A: ...

By UCLA50Plus • December 11, 2019

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children need physical activity to promote healthy growth and development. Playing outdoors fosters higher levels of physical ...

By uclahealth • July 11, 2019

Older adults can benefit from regular physical activity. Fortunately, the activity does not need to be strenuous to achieve health benefits. Even a leisurely ...

By UCLA50Plus • November 8, 2018

As we age, we all experience some decline in our abilities, ...

By UCLA50Plus • November 8, 2018