Patient Stories

I've been living with type 2 Diabetes for many years. I give gratitude to Dr. Goldsmith, MD for the continuous genuine care & direction. This is a Dr. that looks you in the eye, tells it like it is & when I'm in consultation, it's as if I'm his only [...]

By MarcoSM • August 4, 2020

I recently had partial knee replacement surgery at UCLA Santa Monica. I cannot express in words how this procedure was such a great experience. The communication from all staff members was outstanding. If you have any concerns, the staff was there to help. You are treated as if you are [...]

By rodlan28 • June 21, 2020

We have been apart of ucla for about a year. I have been seeing Dr. Natalie Kadin ENT. Every other month I was getting sick with sinus infections as well as ear aches. Dr. Kadin is the best doctor ever she talked about different options and we decided to have [...]

By Toosvaealife911 • June 11, 2020

I am typing this 2-day postop, A huge shoutout to UCLA Surgical​ center thousand​ oaks​ CA. I have been a patient of Dr. Natalie Kadin for about 2 an​d half years. I have been​ struggling​ with​h breathing​ and allergies for about my entire life. Dr. Kadin was amazing from day [...]

By Toosvaealife911 • June 11, 2020

Our insurance change we were worried about finding doctors and finding an good ENT. We heard about Natalie Kaden and made an appointment. As soon as she walked in I knew that I was in good hands. She was amazing as well as she talked to me and my mom [...]

By Toosvaealife911 • June 9, 2020

After recovering from a 10 hour surgery on March 13th, I had an absolutely amazing nurse named Michelle on the 8 west floor of RR UCLA. Michelle made the 7 days that I was there fun: She was favorite and the kindest nurse I’ve ever had at UCLA throughout every [...]

By AliceR • May 14, 2020

I was induced May 5th , I never felt so safe & welcome. Staff is GREAT. I would love to thank one person in specific, her name is Hannah, wonderful great nurse. I normally don’t do this but I thought I should take the time to thank her since I [...]

By Carla R • May 14, 2020

I was diagnosed with Graves' disease that was roughly 7 years ago. I was being taken care of by my primary care doctor for the first 3 years. Then I saw an endocrinologist and was treated for another 3 years. He also discovered a nodule through my ultrasound, in which [...]

By Sergio12 • March 11, 2020

I would rate Dr.Yeh as very professional and not intimidating-- he's very easy to talk and everyone here at the clinic was very easy to talk to and compassionate. I was diagnosed with a gross on my thyroid, in September of 2019. I was not very educated at the time [...]

By Gerald12 • March 11, 2020

Unbelievably-- above and beyond what I was expecting. Dr.Yeh, he goes above and beyond as he is so knowledgeable and professional. He answered all the questions I had and even the ones didn't have. I had a ultrasound and biopsy done in November and my doctor said that I had [...]

By Keki10 • March 11, 2020