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Providing high quality compassionate care for all

By Jocelyn Apodaca Schlossberg • July 21, 2022

A year after the murder of George Floyd, a panel on was convened to discuss the intersection of health care and law enforcement, including protecting the constitutional rights of patients.

By Jocelyn Apodaca Schlossberg • May 26, 2021

The app gives a voice to patients with communication challenges .

By Jocelyn Apodaca Schlossberg • April 1, 2021

How favoritism can cause inequity in health care

By Jocelyn Apodaca Schlossberg • October 13, 2020

Learn how UCLA Health is breaking down barriers with its LGBTQ initiative

By uclahealth • June 19, 2020

“I saw this program as an opportunity to try to make some impactful changes in healthcare,” says Dr. Stephen Speicher, a pediatric hematology-oncology fellow at UCLA Health participating in the new UCLA Biodesign Program. “I grew up with a brother with specials needs, so I grew up on the patient [...]

By uclahealth • September 24, 2019

“UCLA Health has over 200 clinics, we go to the clinics to make sure that they are at the same standards to provide the best patient care for the community,” says Jesica Suarez, a practice coordinator for the ambulatory nursing department. “I love being an ambulatory nurse. Working in [...]

By uclahealth • July 13, 2019

Patients at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital received a special treat from a musical group currently opening for Justin Timberlake. The Shadowboxers, a pop band from Atlanta, recently visited the hospital to play music for patients, families and staff. The Shadowboxers’ Adam Hoffman, Matt Lipkins and Scott [...]

By Ryan Hatoum • May 9, 2018

I have been a patient of Dr. Gloria Kim's for several years. She sets the standard for perfect patient care. Dr. Kim is not only knowledgeable, but she has the uncommon ability to convey information to layperson terms in a genuinely caring manner. She not only has allowed me appointment [...]

By runTerance • March 27, 2018

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in July suggests that as many as 15 percent of patients who undergo treatment for prostate cancer later regret the treatment they choose. Dr. Christopher Saigal, vice chair of urology at UCLA, [...]

By Ryan Hatoum • August 18, 2017