papillary thyroid cancer

Hemithyroidectomy Patient Story Testimonial: Hemithyroidectomy Surgery - Papillary Thyroid Cancer “The staff in both the Beverly Hills and UCLA offices are very pleasant and helpful.” —Maya Dr. Srikanthan, Dr. St. John, and both of their teams have been great to work with! Robin and Mensa got me scheduled for my appointments quickly with [...]

By uclahealth • August 31, 2021

On the day before my daughter's 14th birthday, I'm visiting with my parents when I get a phone call from my doctor's nurse. "Hi Hope. What's up?" I had no worries, for I just had my biopsy a few days prior on my thyroid, and the doctor doing the procedure [...]

By A day that is embedded in my mind forever • November 19, 2019

Dr. Yeh performed a surgery on my neck in order to remove couple of tumors which were probably left there from my previous surgery (not done by Dr. Yeh). The challenge associated with this surgery was that my vocal cord had been damaged in the previous surgery and it would [...]

By Ali E • June 25, 2019

Last June, I was diagnosed for papillary thyroid cancer. When I was initially diagnosed, my greatest concern was that the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. During my visit the doctor performed an ultrasound and found that the cancer had not spread. I had surgery to remove my entire [...]

By Fariba • August 29, 2018

In February 2018 I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma of the thyroid. I was scheduled for surgery in May at a hospital in the San Fernando Valley. The surgery was cancelled as I had a severe reaction to the medicines I was given and my heart failed. I decided I [...]

By Lhen • August 21, 2018

When entering the universe of cancer its terrifiying. For me it was critically important to find a surgeon to take the time to answer all my questions that validated my concerns and fears so I did receive a lot of personalized attention from Dr. Livhits which I feel like I [...]

By MCS574398 • June 19, 2018

Dear Doctor: I had my thyroid removed because of papillary cancer, and my surgeon has advised me to take high levels of vitamin D. He says there may be a correlation between low vitamin D levels and the development of cancer and Alzheimer's disease. If I remember correctly, the normal [...]

By Ask the Doctors • May 29, 2018

We knew something was wrong when I saw visible nodules in my neck. I came in to the clinic not wanting surgery and I told Dr. Yeh the moment I stepped into the office. The idea of surgery and a scar on my neck was not something I wanted, so [...]

By Alyssa • December 5, 2017

I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, which tends to be rare for someone my age because I'm only 22. In contrast to the lack of symptoms most people have, I was experiencing some pain in my neck that led me to visit a doctor to get tests done. When [...]

By Sara • November 29, 2017

On July 4th 2016, my wife and I were driving home from a concert and got into a terrible car accident. We were both injured and were taken to a local hospital. We decided to hire an attorney that recommended that we have MRIs done due to aches and pains [...]

By Stu • November 6, 2017