It is horrifying to find out you have cancer. But it is a good thing that thyroid cancer can be cured. Since the beginning, Dr. Yeh has been supportive, open, positive and forthcoming with information, The staff here is excellent. Jennifer is great and all questions were answered. Maya [...]

By marialafitte • July 28, 2017

Nearly five years after her initial diagnosis, Lila thought her cancer was long gone. She had everything but her plane ticket booked for a dream climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro when results from a routine blood draw put plans of scaling Africa’s highest peak on hold.

By uclahealth • July 14, 2017

Dr. Shahryar Ashouri is my oncologist. I absolutely adore him. He's passionate, caring, personable and an all around good man. In 2013, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with liver metastasis. Dr. Ashouri never made me feel like I had no chance. He stood by my side then [...]

By paws10 • March 30, 2017

My UCLA Health hematologist Tina Wang, MD, is a brilliant scientist, zeroing in immediately on root causes with diagnostics and tests selected specifically to identify my problem(s). She proactively works with my other doctors to coordinate diagnosis and treatment that provides what amounts to integrated care, even though they are [...]

By paulb • March 28, 2017

With invitations to so many worthy medical causes and events, it becomes a difficult decision to figure out how to devote your time and energy.  But a colleague who was diagnosed with a blood cancer gave me a laser focus on an upcoming event. Like my treasured co-worker, [...]

By • October 24, 2016

To the UCLA medical team who cared for my father in his final weeks of life: My father, Frank Eck, recently passed away on the 8th floor of your medical center, in the ICU. After a bravely combating a myriad of health issues for two-and-a-half weeks with profound determination [...]

By patrickeck • July 7, 2016

Caring, Competence, Teamwork and Good Results My dermatologist told me the biopsy indicated that the growth located on my face between my left ear and eye was Melanoma. He referred me to Dr. Fritz Eilber at UCLA, whom I met the day after Christmas. He reviewed the specifics of [...]

By berniehamilton • July 7, 2016

I would like to commend my UCLA doctor, Dr. Gottfried Konecny, as a terrific, caring, well educated and compassionate doctor that I have had the experience and pleasure of being assigned to his care. I started seeing Dr. Konecny as a referral back in 2011 and he has improved my [...]

By browniblnd • March 30, 2016

Unfortunately, cancer runs in Barbara Pytlewski’s family. Years ago, she and her brother learned they have Lynch syndrome, a hereditary condition associated with a high risk of developing colon cancer, as well as an increased likelihood of urinary tract, uterine and liver cancers.

By uclahealth • December 5, 2013

Two summers ago just before a trip back to her native country South Africa, Sally Dansey, 57, noticed blood in her urine and she suffered from painful urination.

By uclahealth • July 19, 2012