Tips for managing Thanksgiving and Christmas calories

By Chayil Champion • November 23, 2022

Slaughtering animals for meat now has a new and possibly healthier alternative

By Chayil Champion • November 23, 2022

Most adults don’t eat enough protein, mainly because they don’t know how much protein to eat. See how much you need and how to spot signs of protein deficiency.

By uclahealth • November 14, 2022

I heard on the news about a study that says you won’t get as hungry if you eat all of your meals earlier in the day. Does that have to do with the way the body clock works? It seems like circadian rhythms affect everything we do. Can you talk about that, and about this study?

By Ask the Doctors • November 4, 2022

I had stabs of pain in the upper right side of my abdomen one day, so I did a telehealth session. The nurse said it might be gallstones and to see my doctor if it repeats. So far, it hasn’t happened again. What are gallstones? How do you get them, and what is the treatment?

By Ask the Doctors • November 2, 2022

Don't allow complacency to settle in once you have reached your target

By Chayil Champion • November 2, 2022

Why is ditching junk food so hard? I know I should have an apple instead of a doughnut, but when I crave a snack, I don’t reach for the fruit bowl. Making and then breaking the promise to eat healthy makes me feel like a failure. How can a junk food addict like me get back on track?

By Ask the Doctors • October 26, 2022

What foods should you be reducing in your diet?

By Chayil Champion • October 26, 2022

Can you please talk about what makes something count as “junk food”? My diet has been less than stellar during the pandemic, and not only did I gain weight, but I just got the news that I have prediabetes. Specifics about how those kinds of food are bad for your health would help a lot.

By Ask the Doctors • October 21, 2022

Ask the Doctors answers a few of your most-asked questions this month

By Ask the Doctors • October 19, 2022