Marriage and family relationships change after bringing home a new baby. Read what to expect and how to stay connected.

By uclahealth • September 16, 2022

SIDS is the leading cause of death in the United States among infants between 1 month and 1 year old

By Ask the Doctors • July 11, 2022

Neonatal jaundice is a common condition in which a baby’s skin and eyes take on a yellowish tint within the first few days of birth

By Ask the Doctors • April 11, 2022

These seismic shifts not only affect the mother but the partner who did not give birth as well

By Ask the Doctors • July 9, 2021

The arrival of a baby can come with a host of emotions. Sometimes, those include anxiety or sadness. The term “baby blues” is often used to describe these postpartum feelings. Baby blues are very common and are not the result of weakness or character flaws. Having the blues [...]

By uclahealth • January 16, 2018