know and recognize the signs of a concussion

By uclahealth • December 16, 2021

Dr. Indu Subramanian calls for increasing disease awareness, empowering patients and community-based support

By uclahealth • December 16, 2021

Dr. Cara Siegel explains the benefits of palliative care for patients facing life changes from neurologic disease.

By uclahealth • December 2, 2021

The lever-driven chair engages the user’s weaker arm, providing an opportunity to regain mobility

By uclahealth • November 24, 2021

Study by Dr. Adys Mendizabal shows neurology patients may experience more adverse childhood experiences than general population

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New intensive-treatment program helps veterans get back to a healthy, active lifestyle

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We're turning our clocks back again, but California and several other states are wanting to do away with the biannual time switch

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Neurologists are learning about the mechanics of migraine by documenting its non-headache symptoms

By uclahealth • October 18, 2021

The device requires no surgery and may theoretically lower the risk of sudden death from epilepsy

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Specialized ambulances allow for rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke

By Sandy Cohen • September 9, 2021