The precise targeting capabilities of MRI guidance results in fewer side effects, new research shows

By uclahealth • January 12, 2023

Harnessing her experience, training and intuition, a UCLA Health MRI technologist saves a patient from harm

By uclahealth • September 15, 2022

Equipment with a built-in MRI allows doctors to better see internal anatomy

By uclahealth • February 2, 2021

Stacy went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable during my MRI. I am severely claustrophobic in MRI machines and my medication did not ...

By gmasgras • June 5, 2019

I came down to UCLA because I found out that I had hyperparathyroidism and started researching what it was because I never heard of it ...

By RamonaM • November 6, 2018

I’m writing this story on behalf of my wife. Back in April 2017, I took my wife to the ER at another hospital. She ...

By JnJ • March 29, 2018

I got sick about 4 months ago. I didn’t know what it was. I had itching sensations all over my body, but there was no ...

By LucysDad • January 18, 2018

Last year in March, I received a call from the school nurse. Saying "C" is alright but I wanted to call because today in class he said he blacked out, didn't know what was going on.

By uclahealth • November 29, 2017

On July 4th 2016, my wife and I were driving home from a concert and got into a terrible car accident. We were both injured ...

By Stu • November 6, 2017

Look closely at the brain scans above, and one of the ...

By Leigh Hopper • August 1, 2017