motion sickness

Ask the Doctors answer a few questions

By Ask the Doctors • February 17, 2021

Dear Doctor: What can you recommend for motion sickness? We’ve been taking the family driving a lot lately to get us out of the house, but unless I’m the one behind the wheel, the mountain roads where we live make me nauseated. Dear Reader: There’s nothing like a bout of motion [...]

By Ask the Doctors • September 4, 2020

Dear Doctors: I’m going sailing with friends soon. Since I tend to get motion sickness in cars and airplanes, I’m worried that means I’ll get seasick as well. Are there any natural remedies? If it helps at [...]

By Ask the Doctors • April 20, 2018

I found out my Calcium levels were very high through a blood test, but I really didn't feel anything different. I figured that since everything felt normal, the long list of procedures following this diagnosis wasn't necessary at that time. Though, following a second blood test revealing high Calcium levels [...]

By MissM • February 26, 2018