Dear Doctor: I try not to use opioids for my chronic back pain, but I'm finding myself turning to them more often. Could marijuana help? Dear Reader: Pain is one of most difficult aspects of medicine to understand. No one can [...]

By Ask the Doctors • March 20, 2018

Abuse of opioid pain relievers is a serious and growing public health concern in the U.S., and around the world. If you need to take opioids, carefully weigh the risks and benefits with your doctor — especially if they’re being prescribed for chronic non-cancer pain rather than for temporary [...]

By uclahealth • August 24, 2017

To anyone who has ever suffered with a vertebral fracture, you know the pain is unrelenting, radiating, disabling and painful beyond belief. My original injury was due to a fall from an amusement park ride back in the 70s. After nearly a decade, I was back to skiing, running and [...]

By mr8418 • October 31, 2016

As we’ve seen from the much-reported rise in abuse of prescription opioids, use of the painkillers can be fatal when not properly managed. But even under the careful supervision of a physician, opioid use can cause a less severe problem – opioid-induced constipation, leading to delays in a patient’s [...]

By Phil Hampton • June 26, 2016