mental illness

Between 2005 and now, depression and anxiety have grown significantly among teens and young adults

By Chayil Champion • January 18, 2023

Read to find out why the holidays are often a time of heaviness and mental stress

By Chayil Champion • December 15, 2022

My wife read somewhere that when kids grow up with a do in the house, it can keep them from getting schizophrenia. I know that having a pet can help kids develop responsibility, but preventing mental illness seems like a stretch. Is this based on psychology -- or something else?

By Ask the Doctors • October 5, 2022

Providing high quality compassionate care for all

By Jocelyn Apodaca Schlossberg • July 21, 2022

“Sometimes people view mental health treatment as a ‘magic bullet’ for homelessness – but we can’t medicalize a social problem”

By Jocelyn Apodaca Schlossberg • January 11, 2022

“This isn’t just a walk, it’s a community and a fight against mental illness and the stigmas attached,” says Grace Florentin, a nurse educator participating ...

By uclahealth • June 24, 2019

As more states legalize marijuana use, there’s a growing perception that pot is benign. But that’s not necessarily the case – especially in ...

By Leigh Hopper • February 28, 2017

Van Nuys maintenance worker Marco Tapia had a schizophrenic breakdown at age 24. His family thought he had been taking drugs because he was ...

By Meg Sullivan • April 11, 2016