meat consumption

Slaughtering animals for meat now has a new and possibly healthier alternative

By Chayil Champion • November 23, 2022

While one twin went plant-based, the other favored meat, fish, and dairy; In the end, they both saw changes in their body.

By Ask the Doctors • January 21, 2022

Plant-based diets are associated with numerous health benefits, but it's not so easy for meat eaters to ...

By Ryan Hatoum • July 18, 2018

Many of us know swapping out protein sources like red meat for fish can be beneficial to ...

By Ryan Hatoum • March 29, 2018

Meat production uses a considerable amount of resources. When compared to the production of vegetables and grains, meat requires large amounts of water, grain, ...

By Ryan Hatoum • November 28, 2016