Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

A big-time athlete with a big-time heart

By Chayil Champion • October 7, 2022

Kellen McGovern, who was born with a rare intestinal disorder, got a chance to spend time with his favorite players

By uclahealth • October 5, 2022

UCLA doctor developing first targeted treatment of acute respiratory ailments

By uclahealth • June 10, 2022

Some babies born early are at risk of eye issues including retinal detachment

By uclahealth • June 6, 2022

UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital tailors program to the individual patient based on development, needs

By uclahealth • January 19, 2022

'They bridge what happens in science to medicine, with a focus on disorders that affect the most vulnerable of our population, and that’s the children,' says Dr. Sherin Devaskar

By Sandy Cohen • January 4, 2022

'We are celebrating the love and respect we continue to have for our loved ones on the other side'

By Jocelyn Apodaca Schlossberg • November 2, 2021

Mattel’s Brave Barbie has been used to empower oncology patients

By uclahealth • September 16, 2021

‘Giving them that safe environment and that time to rest — that’s what we really tried to accomplish,’ says Administrative Director William Dunne

By Sandy Cohen • August 11, 2021

With COVID-19 numbers rising again, what is the future of school sports?

By Chayil Champion • July 29, 2021