Labyrinthitis occurs when inflammation or swelling of the inner ear causes difficulties with balance

By Ask the Doctors • August 6, 2021

Dear Doctor: I have heard that turmeric supplements work quite well as an anti-inflammatory agent, with less risk than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. What are your thoughts on turmeric as an anti-inflammatory supplement? The turmeric powder found in spice racks – and [...]

By Ask the Doctors • October 18, 2018

Dear Doctor: I’ve heard that a product called paractin, a plant extract, promotes a healthy inflammatory response. Is this true? How does that work? Paractin is an extract from the herb Andrographis paniculata. It has been used as an herbal remedy [...]

By Ask the Doctors • September 20, 2018

Dear Doctors: My brother, who is 65, was diagnosed with inclusion body myositis about five years ago and the muscles in his arms, legs and hands are deteriorating rapidly. He’s someone who loves life and this is very hard to watch. His physician says there’s no cure. What can you [...]

By Ask the Doctors • September 13, 2018

Dear Doctors: It seems as though we’re hearing more and more about inflammation and how it causes disease. What is inflammation and how does it work? And is it really possible that what you eat makes a difference? [...]

By Ask the Doctors • September 3, 2018

Dear Doctor: I love ham sandwiches – and have one almost every day. I also have asthma, and just read that processed meats can increase the risk of asthma. How can this be? Meats have been cured – that is preserved [...]

By Ask the Doctors • July 30, 2018 Hometown: Los Angeles, CAGame: UCLA vs. Oregon State View Game Photos Summer never let the pain stop her from caring about others or enjoying her favorite activities, especially drawing and playing with her brother. It’s just her nature to put other people first. “She’s always concerned about others, more concerned about others than she is [...]

By uclahealth • March 14, 2018

Eating the right foods can help you avoid chronic inflammation, a process in the body that can lead to health problems such as heart disease, arthritis, asthma and some forms of cancer. What is inflammation? “Inflammation is a part of our immune response,” says Zhaoping Li, MD, [...]

By uclahealth • October 1, 2017

“Once I hit 30, I started getting eye infections in my left eye,” says 35-year-old Ryan Miyamoto, who turned to the Doheny Eye Center UCLA in Pasadena. “I have iritis, which is an inflammation of your eye. I use certain drops that calm the eye, and it goes away. [...]

By uclahealth • August 10, 2017

The growing availability of biologic therapies for rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory autoimmune disorders has had a dramatic impact on the treatment and prognosis for patients with these potentially disabling diseases. Biologics are genetically engineered drugs designed to interact with the body’s immune response to dampen the [...]

By uclahealth • August 3, 2016