It seems like there’s a new E. coli outbreak every week. We never worried because we’re careful about washing our produce, but our son-in-law got pretty sick with it after eating a fast-food hamburger. How dangerous is E. coli? Where does it come from? Is there any way to avoid it?

By Ask the Doctors • September 28, 2022

We need more effective messaging. Here are some best practices from a UCLA expert.

By Jocelyn Apodaca Schlossberg • August 11, 2022

This fungus lives in the soil of certain arid regions such as Arizona, Nevada, California, and other parts of the western United States

By Ask the Doctors • November 3, 2021

A new piercing requires care and attention during the healing process

By Ask the Doctors • August 9, 2021

If fevers are the result of a person’s body fighting a disease, why is it bad for us?

By Ask the Doctors • April 9, 2021

Dear Doctor: I’ve tried all the toenail fungus cures in our drug store, and so far nothing works. Why not? What can I do? I really miss wearing sandals. Dear Reader: You are one of the estimated 6 million people in the United States struggling with toenail fungus. It’s not only [...]

By Ask the Doctors • September 7, 2020

I had kidney stone surgery which went well. Then I had a growth on the back of my head - another operation. I developed an infection and tests were run. My calcium level was high indicating a problem. My parathyroid was enlarged. I met with Dr. Livhits. She did surgery [...]

By Senior • May 15, 2018

Dear Doctor: I've had psoriasis for close to seven years, and lately it has been flaring up more often. Is there anything I can do with my diet to control this, or even prevent it from happening? [...]

By Ask the Doctors • February 28, 2018

You’ve likely heard about the health issues caused by obesity. It raises your risk for heart disease and diabetes, increases your blood pressure and makes it difficult to do everyday activities such as walking or climbing stairs. For women specifically, obesity also may be a contributing factor in [...]

By uclahealth • December 28, 2016

“I exercise all the time. I was fine. Then I had a heart attack.”

By uclahealth • December 5, 2016