holiday diet

Be kind to yourself and savor your Christmas dinner

By Chayil Champion • December 22, 2022

I come from a large family, and we’ll have a lot of holiday parties. I want to enjoy myself, but I also want to start the new year feeling healthy. My concern is more about drinking alcohol than about eating. I would appreciate it if you could talk about how to handle that part of the holidays.

By Ask the Doctors • December 7, 2022

Tips for managing extra calories

By Chayil Champion • November 23, 2022

With candy practically falling from the sky on Halloween, many kids will overindulge on sugary sweets ...

By Ryan Hatoum • October 31, 2017

By Dana Hunnes The holidays can be the most joyful time of year, and the most stressful. Eating healthfully can be a ...

By uclahealth • November 14, 2016