Esophageal Cancer

A family friend is suddenly on hospice care because of esophageal cancer, which has spread to his lungs and liver. The thing is, he never even knew he had it. Other than getting the hiccups and losing some weight, he was fine. What causes this cancer? How common is it?

By Ask the Doctors • October 7, 2022

Claude Lagardere thought the pain in his throat was from something he had to eat. “I thought it was from a taco I’d eaten a few days before, but the hurt wouldn’t go away,” recalls Lagardere, 78, of his experience in 2018. “I was referred to UCLA Health gastroenterologist Dr. Mark [...]

By uclahealth • April 26, 2021

“After the procedure, I just wanted to call my doctor, Priyam V. Tripathi, MD, MPH, and hug her and thank her,” exclaims Guillermo Verjan, who had been living with esophagitis for 10 years. “You have trouble swallowing. It’s scary because you go out to dinner or you’re with people you [...]

By uclahealth • September 9, 2019

“If I had not had this procedure, then I would’ve had cancer of my esophagus,” believes 72-year-old Harry Corder, who came to UCLA Health after finding out he had Barrett’s esophagus with high dysplasia, or precancerous changes in the cells of the esophagus. “Dr. V. Raman Muthusamy explained I would [...]

By uclahealth • September 9, 2019

“Most of my career has been centered on understanding how the esophagus works and managing or treating patients with esophageal diseases,” explains Dr. Jeffrey Conklin, medical director of the UCLA Robert G. Kardashian Center for Esophageal Health. “Probably the most common disease we see is gastroesophageal reflux, which seems to [...]

By uclahealth • September 9, 2019

Not much gets Dimitri Dimitri down. And obstacles? No such thing. Born in Iran, Dimitri came to the United States to study electronics in college, graduating with a degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in1962. Within a week of [...]

By uclahealth • October 1, 2011