epileptic seizures

'I don’t think you can expand the horizons of others unless you’ve expanded your own,' Dr. Dewar says

By uclahealth • October 6, 2021

The device requires no surgery and may theoretically lower the risk of sudden death from epilepsy

By uclahealth • October 1, 2021

‘Looking-glass self’ concept led to a deeper understanding of interaction between people with epilepsy and their caregivers

By uclahealth • August 17, 2021

A young woman’s operating room drama highlights state-of-the art epilepsy treatment at UCLA Health.

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Ketones are substances formed in the liver when stored fats are broken down. They are a primary source of energy during periods of starvation. ...

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The epileptic seizures would come on so strong and so frequently – as many as 40 an hour – that Gio's parents lived in “absolute fear” every time the attacks began. They worried constantly about the toll the seizures were taking on their 4-year-old son and wondered whether a cure would ever come. What gave them comfort was the resilience and fortitude Gio often showed. He would tell his father: “I have epilepsy, I’m not epilepsy.”

By uclahealth • March 21, 2018

https://youtu.be/n5ySZRezsqc Age: 7Hometown: Tarzana, CAGame: UCLA vs. MonmouthView game photos  Most people who meet seven-year-old Blayke are amazed and inspired by her bright personality and positive life outlook. With a ...

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