Doctors Day

Happy Doctors’ Day to the most wonderful OB, Dr. Alexander Chiang. I appreciate your honesty and approach-ability, and most of all, I appreciate the time you take to answer my questions in the office and out of office. I don’t know how you do it, but I really appreciate it.

By Marissa8 • March 31, 2019

When I smile and say “Ah, yes, Dr. Steven Farley, he saved my life!” people assume it’s a bit of melodrama. But I actually believe he did. Back in late 2016 I watched a large varicose vein swell and become inflamed. Dr. Farley verified a blood clot and monitored its [...]

By pat2016 • March 31, 2019

Happy Doctors’ Day to my wonderful GP, Dr. Katie Hu. I’m lucky to have a caring physician like you. I can tell that you really care about my health and I appreciate all of your advice. I am definitely healthier since you became my GP. You’re the best - have [...]

By Marissa9 • March 31, 2019

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Dr Neville for bringing this 3 wishes project to our unit and now our health system, as a bedside nurse in the MICU, this not only gives the patients and families a beautiful dignified end of life celebration, it allows [...]

By Big John • March 29, 2019

More than 5 years ago my wife needed to start dialysis after being diagnosed with kidney failure, her whole life style ( our whole life style) changed dramatically. Back then our daughter was just 3 years old, for me as a husband and daddy was heart breaker experience when one [...]

By Sergovia50 • March 29, 2019

Through visits with my primary care physician Robert Ashley and cardiologist Michael Mazar (both of whom are great) , I learned that I had multiple blockages in the three main coronary arteries. Quintuple bypass was performed by Curtis Hunter on September 28, 2018. In the weeks leading up to the [...]

By MTquint • March 29, 2019

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2018. I will never forget the first phone call I received and the feeling of my heart sinking to the ground as the news was given. We had to act fast, it was go time... ready or not. I know god was [...]

By Happy Patient • March 28, 2019

Dr. James Murray (Santa Monica 15th Street Plaza) has been such an exceptional physician to my entire family. He is consistent with our care; always reminding us whenever it is time for our yearly physicals or just checking to make sure we follow through with upcoming procedures. His "well" of [...]

By Terri • March 28, 2019

I have an AWESOME PCP I have been a patient of Dr. Chirra's for 15 years or more. From day 1, her demeanor has been genuine and compassionate. She listens when you speak and will remember at your next visit or visits, any health concerns, life changing events, stories you [...]

By Lety • March 28, 2019

Best doctor I have unfortunately many doctors due to health reasons. Actually relationships with 12. There is one doctor that stands out above all. Dr. E Hui who takes exceptional care of patients. Email replies and follow up the same day Appointments made possible based on patient needs He is [...]

By Mr Dissatisfaction • March 28, 2019