Doctors Day

I love my doctor, Dr. Ryan Aronin. He is caring, compassionate, encouraging and even funny. I am so blessed to have him for my doctor.

By Mooch45 • April 1, 2019

In honor of Doctors Day, It is with gratitude and appreciation I recognize Dr. Christopher Crisera and Dr. Maggie DiNome. Two years post Op, Dr. Crisera’s meticulous reconstruction gave me a beautiful natural result that to this day exceeds my expectation. Dr. Crisera and Dr. DiNome, thank you [...]

By Randi0228 • April 1, 2019

I'm one of the very lucky patient to have Dr. Janet Pregler as my primary physician. She's been my doctor for over 25 years. She is very smart, a caring individual, a compassionate, and an excellent doctor. I always get an immediate respond from her when I send her a [...]

By Zumbamom2016 • April 1, 2019

I take care of Dr. Yijun Chen's gastric bypass patients almost every day. When I needed gallbladder removal surgery he immediately came to mind. I loved his bedside manner and friendliness. He always greets the nurses with a smile and takes time to chat a little bit. As his patient, [...]

By RN4EVER • April 1, 2019

I would like to thank Dr. Robert Goldberg and Dr. Simon Fung in their collaboration on my corneal neurotization procedure. After an accident in 2016 left me without feeling in my right eye, I was having issues with keeping my cornea protected and healthy. The corneal neurotization procedure had only [...]

By AmberD • April 1, 2019

Dr. Yvette Bordelon has been caring for me for the past four years. I have a rare neurological disorder which very few physicians, including myself before my diagnosis, are familiar with. I was referred to Dr. Bordelon because she has some familiarity with my condition and she agreed to take [...]

By Anne99 • April 1, 2019

My UCLA endocrinologist, Dr. Stephanie Smooke checked comments from my other doctors and discovered I was to have cat scans because of spots on my right kidney. It determined I had a cancer on my right kidney. Because of Dr. Smooke, I was treated for this cancer and of now [...]

By GREAT FULL • March 31, 2019

Dr. Robert Eldridge helped start an IV on a very hard stick patient. It was not his patient and he stayed after his shift to help out. The patient was very thankful that Dr. Eldridge got it on the first attempt, thus saving him unnecessary pain. Thanks again Dr. Eldridge [...]

By vnguye19 • March 31, 2019

I was diagnosed with achalasia outside of the UCLA Health system in August 2017. Achalasia is a condition that affects only one out of every 100,000 people, resulting in the lower esophageal sphincter tightening up and not allowing food to go down to the stomach. It is an undesirable weight [...]

By Kevin Welch • March 31, 2019

So, an interesting thing happened to me 65 days ago... I had brain surgery! More specifically, a middle fossa craniotomy to correct a condition I had been suffering from for five years called Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence or SSCD. The condition is caused by a hole in your balance canal [...]

By Egp99 • March 31, 2019