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Children younger than 5 still aren’t eligible for vaccination against SARS-CoV-2

By Sandy Cohen • May 13, 2022

'It’s a pretty clear pattern that we have two surges a year,’ says UCLA Health clinical microbiologist Dr. Shangxin Yang

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Ask the Doctors answers your most-asked Coronavirus related questions

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It’s ‘far too early’ to use the test in a health care setting, says Omai Garner, director of clinical microbiology for UCLA Health

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When people volunteer to take part in studies, it helps to expand understanding of disease and illness and aids in identifying new avenues of care

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You may not have to wear your mask at the gym anymore, but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself and others

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Music fest promoters have dropped vaccination and masking requirements

By Sandy Cohen • April 12, 2022

You’re not alone in feeling uneasy about the changes to the mask mandates that are taking place throughout the country

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Your viral load, genetic factors, and gut microbiome may play a role in developing long COVID-19

By Ask the Doctors • March 21, 2022

A UCLA Health expert addresses common areas of concern about the new subvariant of Omicron

By Leo Smith • March 18, 2022