covid-19 booster

Here's a look back at what we encountered.

By uclahealth • January 5, 2023

The ‘bivalent’ booster helps protect against the original strain as well as the omicron variant

By Sandy Cohen • December 6, 2022

Cases are down, but experts advise keeping precautions up.

By Sandy Cohen • October 19, 2022

How important is it to get the new COVID-19 booster? My husband and I are in our mid-40s and in good health. We both got the Moderna vaccine when it first came out, and we got a booster, too. What’s in this new shot? Also, is it true that it’s a good idea to switch up vaccine brands?

By Ask the Doctors • October 17, 2022

The new COVID-19 boosters are here, and I’m not sure if, or when, I need to get one. I had the two-shot Moderna series last winter. I had a mild case of COVID-19 this summer. When I got better, I got the booster. Do I still need to get another one? Am I the only one who is confused?

By Ask the Doctors • September 30, 2022

It could end up similar to the flu, leading to the need for seasonal shots

By Sandy Cohen • September 20, 2022

‘It still remains extremely important to get vaccinated,’ says UCLA Health immunology and infectious diseases expert Dr. Otto Yang

By Sandy Cohen • September 19, 2022