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“I had a good experience and wanted to make the process better for other people, so they have as good an experience as I ...

By uclahealth • January 29, 2020

“I walked into the Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology one day after radiation and really liked it,” says Gene Alper, who came to UCLA ...

By uclahealth • December 12, 2018

Dear Doctor: I’ve recently been diagnosed with meningioma, but my doctor tells me not to worry about it. That can’t be right. What should I ...

By Ask the Doctors • October 4, 2018

Evangelyn is an 8 year old girl who is full of life, creativity and sweetness. She loves music and loves to dance and ...

By Expressive Arts Therapies • June 28, 2018

Cameron was seizures and pain due to an unknown tumor

By uclahealth • December 4, 2017

Jamil was told he had 17 months to live. That was five years ago. Today, thanks to doctors at the UCLA Brain Tumor Center, Jamil is healthy and taking in all that life has to offer including attending a Lakers game.

By uclahealth • August 1, 2017

“I was a patient here in 2006 for a 16-hour resection of a brain tumor,” says Brad Lusk, a 68-year-old neurosurgery patient who was running ...

By uclahealth • December 5, 2016

Jeannine Walston shares her story, with detailed information about her experience at UCLA, Dr. Liau, brain surgery, immunotherapy vaccine, and how to support research.

By jwals • November 30, 2016 Scott Yonkouski, Patient Liaison Volunteer, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Scott Yonkouski was so appreciative of the brain-tumor care he received, that he signed ...

By uclahealth • May 24, 2016

I have melanoma, stage 4. It’s in the liver, lungs, and brain,” says Laura Mayes, 40-year-old wife and mother.

By uclahealth • January 25, 2016