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The UCLA Health neurosurgeon will mark the 75th anniversary of Robinson’s landmark debut

By Sandy Cohen • April 13, 2022

He never really got sick and even when a bug attempted to invade his system, illness couldn’t keep him down and it definitely couldn’t compel him to see a doctor. But this time it was different.

By uclahealth • June 7, 2019

Thank god for Dr. Barbara Geisser at UCLA neurology who called to say on your MS MRI, "It appears that you have these nodules that I am sure you know about and are being followed." I said, "I sure am not and don't know about them." Dr. Geisser said she [...]

By Grateful • April 22, 2019

So, an interesting thing happened to me 65 days ago... I had brain surgery! More specifically, a middle fossa craniotomy to correct a condition I had been suffering from for five years called Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence or SSCD. The condition is caused by a hole in your balance canal [...]

By Egp99 • March 31, 2019

Dr. Marvin Bergsneider is the consummate professional. And not only that - he is extremely kind and a Led Zeppelin fan! All very helpful when you are facing a difficult diagnosis. Amazing fact - he is married to his boss, the incomparable brain surgeon Linda Liau, who is the Chair [...]

By Carl55 • February 14, 2019

I’m writing this story on behalf of my wife. Back in April 2017, I took my wife to the ER at another hospital. She was incoherent, confused, and had difficulty forming sentences. This is where she was diagnosed to have suffered a stroke. Subsequent MRI’s and cerebral angiogram were [...]

By JnJ • March 29, 2018

I woke up one morning and I didn't feel good," says seven-year old Kobe Morrow, whose family brought him to UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital after seeing three other doctors at different facilities

By uclahealth • May 17, 2017

  “Your son has epilepsy.” Four words. Four terrifying words. Heartbreaking. Devastating. It is difficult to find words that best convey what a parent feels when they receive such a diagnosis in regards to their child. A frenzy of questions and concerns enter the mind at lightning [...]

By ronniesilveirajr • March 30, 2017

I met a new person on the road to recovery: myself. Awake? Asleep? It was hard to know. So much had happened, and here I was in a hospital bed. My husband, Frank was by my side.

By uclahealth • December 23, 2015

What could have been the end of my life ended up being a beginning to a new and improved self. On that day, I was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor on my right frontal lobe.

By uclahealth • December 22, 2015