The balance test is part of an important body of research that links good balance to health and well-being

By Ask the Doctors • September 9, 2022

Your sense of balance is actually quite complex, and the inner ear, as well as strength and flexibility, each play an important role

By Ask the Doctors • May 23, 2022

Labyrinthitis occurs when inflammation or swelling of the inner ear causes difficulties with balance

By Ask the Doctors • August 6, 2021

Dear Doctor: I just turned 65, and even though I'm strong and healthy, my friends say I should be concerned about osteoporosis. What is it, and how do I know if I have it? Dear Reader: Osteoporosis, [...]

By Ask the Doctors • April 2, 2018

Dear Doctors: I'm just about to turn 60, which -- from what I've read -- is when balance begins to become an issue. What can I do to stay steady on my feet? Although good balance is [...]

By Ask the Doctors • March 6, 2018