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Teen suicide: Why “13 Reasons Why” is wrong

story of high school student Hannah Baker, who takes her own life after creating

UCLA Health doctors add Twitter to their public-health toolkit

publication, which came a few months later, we already knew about this. These

Bone marrow transplant: What one family learned about faith and trusting the process

help,” says Stewart Hart, 42, of Salt Lake City, Utah. After a two-week break

My pleasant experience with UCLA Cardiology

believe it! I thanked him profusely. Later on, after my surgery, I was talking

What we’ve learned about disease in the 40 years since the discovery of HIV/AIDS at UCLA

you your T-cell level and ratio.” Later, however, he realized he needed to ... HIV, called the AIDS Center, which later formally became the Clinical AIDS Research

The Potential of COVID-19 to Infect the Brain

develop neurological complications later? Dr. Liebeskind: That is a scenario

Women of UCLA Health: Trailblazers in health care, medicine and science

“Women’s History Week.” Five years later, the event was expanded to a month-long

Can oxytocin help improve social skills in kids with autism? It’s complicated

long-lasting effect, even weeks and months later. But when you give it when the animal