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a little bit ago · Heart Valve Disease

Olcay Aksoy, MD, UCLA interventional cardiologist, will discuss how the treatment of heart conditions such as mitral valve disease and aortic valve disease is evolving form open-heart surgery to minimally invasive options that do not require surgery.

a little bit ago · Introduction to Gynecological Cancers

Kelly E. McCann, MD, PhD, UCLA oncologist, will discuss gynecological cancers, including ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and cervical cancer, risk factors for each and common treatment options.

a little bit ago · Memory and Aging

Learn how the brain changes with age, what is normal, what is not and what you can do about it.  The latest research around brain health will be discussed as well as practical tips to stay focused and mentally sharp.

a little bit ago · Reslience and Aging

Helen Lavretsky, MD, MS, UCLA psychiatrist, will discuss psychological resilience in aging and focus on mind-body therapies that enhance resilience as one ages.

a little bit ago · Healthy Aging

Hyunah L. Poa, MD, UCLA internist, will discuss the physical, mental and social well-being for healthy aging and introduce behavioral habits and strategies one can incorporate to age well, both physically and mentally.

a little bit ago · Hearing Loss

Megan Greenya, AuD, UCLA audiologist, will discuss different types of hearing loss, causes, treatment options and updates on current hearing aid technologies.

a little bit ago · Constipation Update

Learn about the causes and treatments of constipation.

a little bit ago · Walk with a Doc

Join UCLA Health physicians for an informative, brief discussion on a current health topic, followed by a refreshing stroll at your own pace.