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May 16, 2019 · Free After Years

I was referred from my thyroid doctor to Dr. Yeh. I actually did my own research and saw all his wonderful reviews, and I also had friends who were his patients so I came in knowing that he was one of the best. I had thyroid nodules that were growing which caused my goiter to grow larger to the point where I was having trouble swallowing food and felt pressure in my throat. Before surgery, I went to his clinic and Dr. Yeh was very sweet. He explained the basics and general details of the procedure such as the possible side effects in a way that was easy for me to understand. He recommended that I get a complete thyroidectomy, since my goiter was quite large.

I wasn’t afraid of undergoing any surgery or operation, but I was worried about whether I was doing the right thing for my body. I’ve had this goiter for many years and I have never had problems with my thyroid function, so I was wondering if I really needed to remove my entire thyroid and start taking thyroid medication for the rest of my life. After surgery now, I know that I did the right thing. I am sure that my goiter would have continued to grow and those that I knew on thyroid medication for life did not have any problems. Dr. Yeh also explained that if anything spread to my parathyroid glands I could even have problems with my calcium levels too and not just my thyroid hormone levels.

The surgery itself was very well done. I was very impressed because the operation did not impact my voice which I was worried about. My cousin underwent thyroidectomy by a different surgeon and the operation has still affected her voice even many years after. I truly believe that Dr. Yeh is the best. He told me that my operation would be 2.5 hours but he was finished in only 1.5 hours. The only difficult portion of the operation was my body’s reaction to the anesthesia, but I had no problems with the surgery itself. I have scar tissue right now inside my throat which puts pressure on my vocal cords as well as visible scar tissue but I know that it takes time for the scar to heal and it is slowly getting better and fading. I started thyroid medication and I feel that my body still needs time to get used to it. I am waiting until May for labs to test whether the medication dosage is adequate for my body.

I truly believe he is one of the best. From my experience, he is very fast and accurate. I cannot speak for all patients with different conditions but for me, I was very happy.

May 15, 2019 · From NF to Adrenals

I was to start off by saying that I began my care with UCLA for treatment for Neurofibromatosis (NF) Type 1. My doctor at UCLA ordered a MRI which also showed a tumor growth on my adrenal glands, and was referred to Dr. Livhits. My 24 hour urine test also came back with numbers that were high. I went in for my first appointment with Dr. Livhits nervous but blind-sighted. She told me that she wanted to remove the growth and clearly described the procedure to remove it. I went on medication for a little bit pre-surgery.

My experience with actual operation could not have been any better. All the doctors were very kind and knowledgeable. The surgery was one of the easiest surgeries I’ve had in a while. It felt quick and I don’t really remember much of it at all. I have to say that the night at the hospital was not the easiest, as I had trouble falling asleep connected to devices on my neck and legs that monitored and maintained my blood pressure. But by early next morning, I was up sitting and walking around. Before I knew it, I was discharged and recovering and home. My blood pressure also went back to normal almost immediately and I did not need blood pressure medication at all. I went back to work as a teacher right after a week.

It has been a little over 2 weeks since the surgery and I definitely do feel very tired, especially with NF. Thankfully, it is spring break so I have an extra week to rest up and recover. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t worry about the surgery. It will be super easy. You will just go in for the surgery, spend a night at the hospital, and be home before you know it. Everything will be back to normal and you’ll be in good hands with Dr. Livhits.