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Apr 30, 2018 · My Journey

Its been a year since I’ve had surgery with dr. Yeh. I was referred by my endocrinologist who found cancer on my thyroid. The surgery and immediate recovery was a little difficult because I don’t react well to anesthesia. I couldn’t laugh because I couldn’t move my neck. Within 3 weeks I was back at work and now I don’t even a scar at all, It doesn’t bother me at all, one day I was emotional and thought this type of cancer and I see it every day in the morning and there was a constant reminder that I had cancer. I saw Dr. Yeh for a follow up post-surgery and he told me the tumor was encapsulated and my lymph nodes was clear which was a relief. I feel good and feel so much better. A year ago I felt something as wrong and I would go to primary care doctor. I always tell people go with your gut and advocate for yourself. A year later here I am and everything’s clear. It was a life changing experience, because I have 3 boys who are very active and I appreciate life more and see things in a different way. Super fortunate and grateful that I was led to Dr. Yeh. UCLA medical and the whole team involved was so impressive with the phone calls and emails. The whole thing went smoothly and then I was home before I knew it.

May 25, 2017 · Mother of 3, My experience with Dr.Yeh

I’m a 41 year old mother of 3 boys and am generally pretty active. I had felt changes in my body and so I went to my general doctor who dismissed these feelings, but because I knew something wasn’t right I went to an endocrinologist who found a nodule in my thyroid. After waiting 6 months the nodule had grown by 20 percent and was under suspicion of cancer. At this point, I was given a biopsy and had it confirmed that it was cancer. At this point, I was recommended by the endocrinologist to go to see Dr. Yeh who I was informed was one of the best in the country in terms of endocrinology. When I went to go visit him at UCLA, the entire experience was amazing in the fact that all the staff was friendly and inviting and genuinely cared, especially Dr.Yeh. The confidence and positive attitude from Dr.Yeh in the treatment of my case made my entire experience amazing and helped me get through this challenging ordeal.