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Feb 4, 2017 · Phrenic Nerve Injury - David's Story

David I have had A paralyzed L Phrenic nerve and diaphragm for all most a year. Doctors guess that it is from a post viral infection??. I am 69 female. Have you had a sleep study, you may need one.Mine showed that when I sleep on my side my stomach presses on my diaphragm and my oxygen saturation level drops significantly. So I sleep with oxygen at higher elevations but don’t need it at sea level.I have the same discomfort and panic when I bend over. There are some exercises to do.Do you have a pulse oximeter ? You probably need one. Eat 6 small meals and do not go to bed atleast 2 hrs after your evening meal. You may need to sleep with head elevated.. But first you need a diagnosis. Wish you well

Sep 26, 2016 · Phrenic Nerve Injury - David's Story

I have the same symptoms. What diagnostic studies did you have? Were you ever told that you may have a post viral infection? Did you have any stomach pain? Excessive belching?Have you had a sleep study?