surveys and questionnaires

Haussmann A, Moudgal AN, Calzia M, Hurley LP. Clinician Barriers to Ordering Pulmonary Function Tests for Adults with Suspected Asthma. J Am Board Fam Med.[...]

By sjmartinez • May 14, 2024

Zhu W, Liang D, Petersen JD, Zhang W, Huang J, Dong Y. Relationship between diabetic knowledge, attitudes and practices among patients with diabetes in China:[...]

By sjmartinez • November 18, 2023

Anderson BR, Herman PM, Hays RD. Predictors of Pain Management Strategies in Adults with Low-Back Pain: A Secondary Analysis of Amazon Mechanical Turk Survey Data.[...]

By sjmartinez • August 31, 2023

Wang Y, Ramos-Gomez F, Kemoli AM, John-Stewart G, Wamalwa D, Benki-Nugent S, Slyker J, Seminario AL. Oral Diseases and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life among[...]

By sjmartinez • March 22, 2023

Simone A, Kim JS, Huchting J, Rafique A, Ozcaglayan R, Shemin RJ, Aksoy O, Kwon MH. Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement for Severe Aortic Valve Stenosis:[...]

By sjmartinez • January 26, 2023