I trust that most of you had a meaningful Thanksgiving break and were able to spend quality time with family and loved ones. I hopeRead more

By sjmartinez • November 27, 2023

Ayieko J, Charlebois ED, Maeri I, Owino L, Thorp M, Bukusi EA, Petersen ML, Kamya MR, Havlir DV, Camlin CS. Improving care engagement for mobileRead more

By sjmartinez • November 23, 2023

In last week’s reflection, I shared with you the overall vision, goals, and mission pillars of our department’s strategic plan. The plan is ambitious and willRead more

By sjmartinez • November 6, 2023

2023 DMPG Annual Meeting Each year, members of the Department of Medicine Practice Group (DMPG) convene in Westwood for their annual meeting where we discussRead more

By sjmartinez • October 16, 2023

Pincavage AT, Gandhi A, Falk E, DiMarino L, Carbajal DR, Ayyala U, Chandrasekar J, Dentino AN, Ferris AH, Forster RM, Hemmer PA, Masucci N, SurkisRead more

By sjmartinez • October 2, 2023

Allan-Blitz LT, Akbari O, Kojima N, Saavedra E, Chellamuthu P, Denny N, MacMullan MA, Hess V, Shacreaw M, Brobeck M, Turner F, Slepnev VI, IbrayevaRead more

By sjmartinez • April 17, 2023

By sjmartinez • March 17, 2023