Rose DE, Leung LB, McClean M, Nelson KM, Curtis I, Yano EM, Rubenstein LV, Stockdale SE. Associations Between Primary Care Providers and Staff-Reported Access Management[...]

By sjmartinez • August 3, 2023

McCoy M, Kalofonos I, Altman L, Gelberg L, Capone-Newton P, Lynch K, Clair K, Nazinyan M, McGahran M, Santini C, Daugharty M, DeFraites E, Gabrielian[...]

By sjmartinez • July 27, 2023

Rubenstein LV, Curtis I, Wheat CL, Grembowski DE, Stockdale SE, Kaboli PJ, Yoon J, Felker BL, Reddy AS, Nelson KM. Learning from national implementation of[...]

By sjmartinez • July 25, 2023

Kalofonos I, McCoy M, Altman L, Gelberg L, Hamilton AB, Gabrielian S. A Sanctioned Encampment as a Strategy for Increasing Homeless Veterans' Access to Housing[...]

By sjmartinez • June 21, 2023